Latin America and the Caribbean Climate Week 2023

Legislators Dialogue |

Upscaling Renewable Energy Deployment for the Good of All: The Role of Legislators

Acknowledging that in order to advancer efforts to move the energy transition forward, legislators must be provided with knowledge of and options for renewable energy deployment that are tailored to demographic, geographic, political, and social circumstances,this parliamentary meeting, organized by ParlAmericas, IRENA and Global Renewable Congress will convene Members of Parliament from the Americas and the Caribbean to discuss pathways and opportunities for accelerating the deployment of renewable energy within the diverse national contexts of the region. The dialogue will examine the role of renewable energy in the context of the Global Stocktake, diverse national environments and successful policy designs. Contributions from Legislators and experts will particularly highlight intersectional implications and socio-economic co-benefits of promoting urgent action on renewable energy uptake, including the positive economic and social benefits that renewable energy can bring to peoples’ everyday lives. Moreover, the dialogue will consider how decision makers engage with civil society including women, in particular those from rural settings, to ensure the energy transition responds to women’s needs, such as their financial needs, and promotes women’s empowerment and fosters income activities.


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October 25, 2023


Panama City, Panama

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