3× Global RE Targets

The existing renewable energy targets set by countries around the world fall short of what is needed to limit global temperature rise to below 1.5°C. To bridge this gap, it has become crucial to triple the renewable energy capacity globally and to double the energy efficiency on a regional and international level.

Achieving a tripling of renewable energy (RE) targets by 2030 stands as a pivotal and urgent objective in the global pursuit of sustainable and resilient energy systems. This ambitious goal seeks to substantially accelerate the transition towards clean energy sources, playing a critical role in mitigating climate change, enhancing energy security, and fostering economic growth.

As key decision-makers, legislators have the power to shape and drive policies that will enable global progress towards increased RE targets.

Informed and inspired Legislators can take innovative approaches and a stronger commitment to implementing measures aimed at tripling RE targets to their Nation and constituencies.

In 2004, the world installed 1GW of solar PV in a year.
In 2010, the world was installing 1GW of solar PV per month.
By 2015, the world was installing 1GW of solar PV per week.
And today, the world is installing over 1GW of solar PV per day.
Tripling means installing 3GW of all renewable energy technologies per day, worldwide.

Tripling Annual Renewable Energy Deployment And Beyond

A guide for Parliamentarians

Deploying renewable energy is one of the most effective measures that governments can use to combat the climate crisis. In addition, investments in renewable energy can help keep energy prices stable and affordable, while creating abundant opportunities for jobs and green growth.

To triple or more the annual levels of deployment, all countries need to play a part. And a mix of technologies will be required beyond solar, including onshore and offshore wind, geothermal, wave and tidal power, as well as biogas.

This guide aims to present concrete actions for Legislators for effective measures to amplify the adoption of renewable energy in their respective jurisdictions and amplify the renewable energy deployment in their country.

Legislators in the Spotlight

We need to join forces and work cross-country, cross-party to achieve a tripling of the global renewable energy target.  The purpose of this interview series is to share insights and opinions of Legislators around the world on the current renewable energy developments.

Check out the latest achievements, challenges and suggestions of Legislators in their endeavour of accelerating renewable energy deployment.