Power Up the Future: a Legislators – Youth Dialogue


Building on the momentum of the IRENA Legislators Forum and the IRENA Youth Forum, this Dialogue is a chance to ignite the energy transition with the power of intergenerational commitment. Be part as Members of Parliament and young leaders join forces in:

  • Unleashing the Potential: We’ll delve into the outcomes of both Forums, exploring lessons learned and how youth can be engaged in renewable energy policy-making.
  • Having a Unique Conversation: This is a closed-setting opportunity to ask questions and discuss ideas that can help generate a shared commitment to furthering the energy transition.
  • Holding Accountable: The ideas shared in this session will contribute to the Youth Declaration on tripling the RE target and will be reflected in the Legislators Forum outcome document.


Imagine a future powered by 100% clean energy. How can young innovators and policymakers join forces to turn this vision into reality?

How do you see advancements in renewable energy impacting your work and the future of your community?

What specific renewable energy challenges are your constituents facing, and how can youth work with you to create innovative solutions?

What excites you most about renewable energy’s potential, and how can we leverage it to achieve a clean energy future?


April 17, 2024


14th IRENA Assembly Youth Lounge, St. Regis Abu Dhabi, UAE

Participants info

Legislators present were:

GRC Chair Hon. Bärbel Höhn

Hon. Ghada Ali, Egypt

Hon. Shartsi Musherure, Uganda

Hon. Jacqueline Amongin, Uganda

Hon. Biyika Lawrence Songa, Uganda

Hon. Saphio Hlazo, Zambia