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Hon. Jacqueline Amongin

Hon. Jacqueline Amongin is a Member of Parliament in Uganda since 2011 and now represents Uganda in the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) and chairs sub Committee of Environment and climate change. She is the current chairperson of African Parliamentarians Network on climate Action (APCAN)
Her legislative focus has been on addressing legislative gaps on climate related, renewable energy, water, disaster risk reduction and land restoration among others at national and international level.

She has represented Uganda in the continental Parliament (PAP) for the past 10years. Former chairperson of the committee of natural resources and environment at the continental parliament(PAP), former President and founder member of Pan Africa Parliamentarians caucus on youth, Former chairperson of Pan African Parliamenrians alliance on SDGs,served in Parliament committee of natural resources and environment, climate change, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Budget and public accounts.

She is the director and founder member of Jacqueline Amongin Development Foundation (JADEF) empowering young people and engaging them in climate related activities in Uganda.
Highly travelled and an influencer in areas of climate DRR and water legislations.
2017 US government Mandela Washington awardee for young African Leaders initiative (YALI) and 2018 Mandela young women awardee by France institute.

A holder of bachelors of environmental management, Law and currently parsuing a masters in Environmental Law and policy.

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