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Amira Saber Egypt MP
Hon. Amina Saber

Hon. Amira Saber is an Egyptian Member of Parliament serving as the Secretary General of the Foreign Relations Committee. She is the Vice-President of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party responsible for planning and development, and a member of Egypt’s Coordination's Committee of Parties' Youth Leaders and Politicians. Concurrently, she served as an appointed member of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Culture. Inside the Parliament, Amira has submitted tens of legislative and oversight tools pushing for a people-centered development and progressive agenda with special focus on the issues of climate change, women rights, artificial intelligence, youth empowerment, democracy and good governance.

Hon. Saber is representing the Region of Middle East and North Africa in the Young Parliamentarians steering Committee of the World Bank and is also a member of the Munich Security Conference Women Parliamentarians Program.

She is currently pursuing her DBA from Swiss School of Management and a professional Development Certificate of Parliamentary Governance at McGill University.
She holds an MA in Development Studies from the University of Sussex where she was awarded the Chevening scholarship, an MBA from ESLSCA Business School, and a BSc in Biochemistry from Egypt.

Besides her work in the Parliament, Amira Saber is a founding member of Kayan NGO For community development given her extensive experience working in the civil society at the grassroot level with beneficiaries, especially women and children, running several international programmes with different national and international partners.

Hon. Amira Saber was appointed to the board of the Steering Committee to oversee a national dialogue between the government and the opposition. The appointment to this board is a real testament to Amira’s broad appeal and political standing.

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