Sahar Albazar in the Spotlight


At COP28 the GRC had the pleasure to meet Hon. Sahar Albazar to talk about her stance on climate change, renewable energy and the global tripling target of renewable energy deployment by 2030. Watch the interview below to gain insights about how the global tripling target can be our way to align and accelerate our actions globally, how Egypt as a haven of wind and solar energy plans to tackle this and how building a supportive network policymakers can lead to rewarding success. 


Hon. Albazar offers us her genuine insights and views on how we can address the challenges of climate change and achieve the global climate goals by 2030 and beyond. Get to know how she´s tackling a range of causes from climate change and renewables on to women rights and people with disabilities rights.


Hon. Albazar shares with us her insight into the measures the Egyptian government is taking to implement the goal of tripling the deployment of renewable energies by 2030 and informed us about other measures the government is planning to take to achieve the global targets that have been set. She explains why especially Egypt has to savor the opportunity of renewable energy projects and global co-operation to gain multi-facetted benefits both economically and environmentally. 


Listen to what Hon. Sahar Albazar has to say about misconceptions about climate change and renewable energy, and how she is tackling them. Get inspired by her ideas on shaping the general conceptions, redirecting and overcoming obstacles using media, education and connecting people. 


Before ending the interview, Hon. Sahar Albazar speaks about her successes and lessons learned as a Legislator and former President of the Forum of Young Parliamentarians, highlighting her rewarding experiences in building regional and international networks to connect and support each other to enforce progress and success on a global scale.

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Hon. Sahar Albazar

Hon. Sahar Albazar is a member of the Egyptian Parliament and is the Deputy Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee at the Egyptian House of Representatives. She is also the former president of the forum of young parliamentarians representing more than 24 thousand young MPs in 178 countries. Before that, she was an advisor to the minister of social solidarity & a social protection consultant at the World Bank. In addition to her experience in governmental sector & International organizations, she worked at several Forbes top 500 companies including P&G, J&J, Abbott, and BP. In 2022, Sahar was named a young global leader by the World Economic Forum and at the same year she was selected by Yale as a World fellow. Sahar holds an MC/MPA from Harvard Kennedy School.

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