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Strengthening Renewables in a Green New Deal

While we are facing the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, the climate and biodiversity crisis continues to threaten human life on earth. Hence, legislators around the world are tasked to develop Green New Deals (GND). GND are regulatory frameworks that, at their most ambitious, envision a decarbonised economy that serves people and

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Farmers: Champions of the New Energy Economy

Farmers and rural communities have the potential for big gains in the accelerating energy transformation. The massive entry of renewable energy is pushing out fossil fuels, revamping our energy infrastructures from big and centralized to distributed and more resilient, transforming business models, and providing opportunities for entirely new groups of

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Leaving no one behind in COVID-19 Recovery programmes

As legislators play a crucial role in policy making by adopting national budgets and laws, holding their governments to account and scrutinizing their decisions, their leadership in times of the COVID-19 pandemic is more needed than ever. Their oversight function is of major relevance when governments are considering trade-offs between economic

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Policy Brief: The Role Of Renewables In Covid-19 Recovery Packages

Facing the global COVID-19 crisis, humanity is dealing with an unprecedented challenge. Next to severe impacts on the health system, we are confronted with the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression. The national and international recovery programs will be larger than those seen after the global \inancial crisis in

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